It’s time for Sukey to sadly say goodbye 😿

This project began around 18 months ago in lockdown as a part-time job to help support my art practice after 13 years of hospitality jobs in cafes, restaurants, & bars. As the result of the pandemic and living with a highly vulnerable person, I couldn’t work in this kind of job and so decided to use some of my sewing skills to start Sukey. Trying to commercialise the textile aspect has been hard. Like all other self-employed people, I’ve struggled with the hours I’ve put into making (all self-taught with sewing and lots goes wrong 🙈), and then the asking price of the piece, having to wear many different hats of designing and making, but then also working with the functionality/ practicality/ durability of the items for home, and having to photograph and run a website and shop, and keep a social media running, as well juggling my fine art practice and previously my masters.

It hasn’t been possible to sustain my practice and I’ve put myself into many thousands of ££ debt from my masters (not just SFE!) that I need to manage. The labour of love hours ploughed into Sukey and its slow textile making processes meant I’ve ended up paying myself less than minimum wage a lot! I know that happens at the start of businesses, but I’ve decided to go back to casual work in a restaurant to take this pressure off myself, so I can try and manage my bills and debts and so I can concentrate on making within my fine art practice again, without trying to juggle two different strands to my art practice in two different contexts. I will still take on quilt or other textile commissions as me, if I can and the project is right, so please email for any of these requests 💌💌

Thank you so SO much to everyone that has bought something off me and supported and shared my work on here. It has meant THE WORLD to me and some of the messages I have got in this time have just melted my heart 💘 I hope anything you have from Sukey continues to bring you JOY and I have so much love for you all and the artists / makers / crafters / and all the supporters of these communities on here. I wish you ALL LOVE and to keep making!!! 💛


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